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No USB Camera, Card Reader, or Second Hard Drive

Guest CPFarmer

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Guest CPFarmer

I recently upgraded to 2010. Now I have all sorts of problems. First, My Camera was not showing up as removable media as it had before. I thought it might be a cable, so I got a Card Reader, and 2010 doesn't detect it at all. In Dolphin, I can't see my second SATA drive. Also, when I playback video files that I had made into AVI or MPG, they play at twice normal speed or faster. One last problem is that the audio driver is changed to one that won't work everytime I shut down. I have to go into Configure Desktop every time I boot to change it back to the driver that works.


I've tried restarting the haldaemon and no luck.My USB keyboard and mouse work fine though.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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