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Google Chromium for 2010? [solved]


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Seamonkey is fine if you like Netscape Navigator :D


As opposed to Firefox being the dumbed down version of Seamonkey aimed at the general IT illiterate public, without all the useful extra config options that Seamonkey provides (which apparently would confuse non techies)...

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Seamonkey is just fine... like a slow-motion variation of Opera.


I use both Opera and Seamonkey and I don't notice any speed difference (on older PCs, yes, Opera is faster but it's not noticeable on a modern dual core), maybe that's because Seamonkey has the invaluable 'adblock plus' plugin while Opera has to suffer all the flashy ads slowing it down...


I wouldn't use any browser without 'adblock plus' as my primary browser.

(and yes, that comes from someone who has a web site with a modest amount of ad banners on it, I don't care if my web site visitors use adblock, it's a free world and I didn't make my website to get rich, as long as it pays for the web hosting related costs that's fine for me! ;) )

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Does anyone think it is safe trying to install the rpm package for Fedora and OpenSUSE? Does anyone dare to try? :)


I did try the rpm, google-chrome-beta- (google-chrome-beta_current_x86_64.rpm) at http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/w00t.html I had google-chrome- from Mandriva Turkiye http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?p=740623&sid=816040c774f4e2bdac260f9f97bd7570#740623 installed with a release date of 27 Oct 2009 vs. 06 Dec 2009 for google-chrome-beta, so decided to try the newer build. There was no signature that I could find, so I ok'd the warning, and, since the package name is different, I guess, I had to uninstall the mvt program, first, due to conflicting files.


It's ok and I've sometimes loaded google-chrome in case it can handle hulu.com better but I don't see that it does. I would expect if I'm opening a new Tab from link (middle-click), that page would display automatically but it doesn't and I don't see a place to configure it. I'd say it works fine, for what it is, but I won't use it, much.


Thanks for the link! :)

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Works rather decently here. Using the devel branch from here although the 249 beta is also OK.

My main complaint is that they are prebuilt and as such they can't be used with kgtk to get rid of the gtk+ file dialogs for better KDE4 looks.

Other than that, they are fast and stable.

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