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MDK 9.1 vs. 9.2 software

chris z

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just wondrin'........


i'm still happily using MDK9.1 here. that being the case, all of my urpmi repositories are set for 9.1 software rpm's. after reading through threads, i keep seeing it mentioned that 9.2 has it's own repositories. (which makes sense........) that leads me to wondrin'......


(note: even though i'm running 9.1, i do have every MDK security update, patch, bug fix, etc. installed, with all current libraries of various things (gcc, x11, etc) so it's sorta like i'm running 9.2, in a way........)


will various assorted software upgrades (say, fo example mplayer.....k3b.....mozilla......etc.....) be made for distro specific versions of MDK, or will they generally work across the board?


if not, will developers continue to make 9.1 compatible software?


can i/should i add 9.2 repositories to my urpmi data bases?


seeking your knowledge & wisdom........



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To only answer a small part of your questions, I installed 9.2 and initially put the wrong repositories (easyurpmi is not updated, and selecting 9.2 puts things back to 9.1 repositories), then used urpmi for libdvdcss2 and some other programs.

Result: no problem whatsoever. So things can work.


However, if some libs are conflicting, I think you may be in for nasty trouble.


Single programs that don't need special libs but just general ones will work; I didn't bother to download the new version of Opera yet, just linked to the one I had in 9.1 and that works fine.

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