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Mandriva 2010 not able to see XP partitions

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After finaly being able to 2010 on the pc -- from a live CD, hence now I lost all settings.


After painfully restoring things like hostnames, network name, printers etc. now able to ping the machine by host name

from another pc, also able to see the shared printers on the new install from the other pc. Have also installed

Gnome Commander (2009 version as 2010 seems to be missing files) and can now see each others shared directories again.


However - the machine has dual boot with XP and I used to be able to see the contents of the XP portion when using

the file manager and went to 'MNT' where I than found the Windows XP 'directory' and by clicking on that file

the rest of the XP drive became visible in the file manager. -- where I could use the XP-portion to ao. store files

from out Mandriva.


Now I only see in MNT a directory named 'Install' created by the live cd. -- so can't find how t get back access

to the XP portion of my disk.


note; as we're using Thunderbird in a dual boot sharing environment where Thunderbird on Mandriva uses the

Thunderbird on XP -- this is enoying as now I've lost the contents / setup of the accounts and all mailfolders,

when being on Linux.


Any idea how to get the Windows XP portion again visible in MNT ??

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You should check /etc/fstab and have an entry such as the following:

# Entry for /dev/sda1 :
UUID=1EA4E764A4E73D41 /media/win_c ntfs-3g defaults,umask=000 0 0


Notice that Windows is now located in /media. You may need to create a directory in /media. Make sure ntfs-3g is installed. The UUID number will be different for you. Run blkid from root to find the appropriate UUID for your Windows drive. Edit /etc/fstab as appropriate and reboot.

[root@localhost david]# blkid
/dev/sda1: UUID="6AAC73BDAC7381FD" LABEL="System Reserved" TYPE="ntf
/dev/sda2: UUID="7074F5D974F5A250" TYPE="ntfs"
/dev/sdb1: UUID="1EA4E764A4E73D41" LABEL="IBM_PRELOAD" TYPE="ntfs"
/dev/sdb2: LABEL="IBM_SERVICE" UUID="460C-3761" TYPE="vfat"
/dev/sdb5: UUID="e3297b9b-978b-497a-908d-757e3180fec9" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/sdb6: LABEL="swap" UUID="660bb819-4642-4832-9efd-024ca14b6287" 
/dev/sdb7: LABEL="" UUID="488F-0C33" TYPE="vfat"

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Thanks David


Followed the instruction you've provided and all done now.


Mandriva talks again with XP and also can use Thunderbird again in

the virtual setup -ie. with both on XP and Mandriva updating each other.




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