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can't load 2010 install dvd [solved]


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Could well be -- have indeed twice used DVD+R and both times also performed the MD5sum check Ken mentioned earlier --with as outcome

that ISO couldn't be read// seems thus indeed a difference between using -R versus +R.

Your not making any sense Fred.

At this point the md5sum check is about the ISO file you downloaded not the DVD you burnt.


Once you verify that the ISO is correct or not we'll look at the DVD but one step at a time.



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would like to thank you all for the assistance and

in particular to John who socially submitted a DVD

(correctly burnes as DVD-R ) and that worked fine.

The whole thing is set up now correctly again.




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Hi everybody


At first ,many thanks for this nice job .

I used MDV since Mandrake 10.


For this MDV2010 ,

I have the same symptom as said above:


opening /proc/splash failed

short write (Bad address)

third party using modules location /tmp/image

fopen(stage1.c:355) failed: No such file or directory

unsetting automatic

exiting bootsplash

opening /proc/splash failed


Checking the DVD :

This is the md5 stamp:

$ cat mandriva-linux-free-2010.0-i586.iso.md5

eee29c9288d8253f440c8629f338e9a8 mandriva-linux-free-2010.0-i586.iso


This is the iso md5

$ md5sum mandriva-linux-free-2010.0-i586.iso

eee29c9288d8253f440c8629f338e9a8 mandriva-linux-free-2010.0-i586.iso


The DVD was burnt and verified wih Xcdroast under MDV2009.


By the way,

I tried another install way : an NFS install from an entire tree downloaded from a mirror to a local server,

by booting on a boot CD burn with (...)MDV2010/i586/install/images/boot.iso ,

(the way I generally prefer for the MDV installs)

and I got a similar error!


After that, I will speak about the way to build RAID/VG partitions for / and /boot

on a couple of SATA disks during the install stage.

But one thing after each other ...

Thanks for your answer.





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