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Man. 2010: Wireless worked on install... now dead

Guest landshark

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Guest landshark



I'm new here so please let me know if there's a better forum. I look forward to your feedback. Here goes:


I just installed Mandriva 2010 on a Dell e6500. I am very impressed with the distro and am glad to be back to Mandriva. (I was a Mandrake user "back in the day" but had to jump ship for work purposes.)


My wireless worked great, both on the Live Disk _amazing! -- and on the initial install. It was flawless. But suddenly it stopped working, although I had not tinkered with it.


Here are the symptoms and some details:


1. First, I know the Linksys access point is functioning. I tested it on another box.


2. For the configured wireless network, the connectivity is shown as almost nothing. I can't connect to it. Sometimes the connectivity is displayed as better -- three bars -- but once I select "connect" it drops to almost nothing.


3. I know from the past that the ndiswrapper drivers don't work well with this card. iwlagn + the iwlwifi firmware does the trick. Both were installed as part of the distro installation.


Output from lspcidrake -v:


iwlagn : Intel Corporation|Wireless WiFi Link 5100 [NETWORK_OTHER] (vendor:8086 device:4232 subv:8086 subd:1321)


Output from modinfo iwlagn:


version:        1.3.27kds
description:    Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link AGN driver for Linux
firmware:       iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-5150-2.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-5000-2.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-6050-3.ucode
firmware:       iwlwifi-6000-3.ucode



output from lsmod | grep iwlagn


iwlagn                160740  0
iwlcore               175976  1 iwlagn
mac80211              149236  2 iwlagn,iwlcore
cfg80211               89956  3 iwlagn,iwlcore,mac80211





lo        no wireless extensions.

eth0      no wireless extensions.

wmaster0  no wireless extensions.

wlan0     IEEE 802.11abgn  ESSID:""
         Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: Not-Associated
         Tx-Power=15 dBm
         Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
         Encryption key:off
         Power Management:off
         Link Quality:0  Signal level:0  Noise level:0
         Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:0
         Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0

sit0      no wireless extensions.  (***I'm not familiar with this one.***)





eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:24:E8:AD:2E:73
         inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
         inet6 addr: fe80::224:e8ff:fead:2e73/64 Scope:Link
         RX packets:37829 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
         TX packets:8529 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
         collisions:2 txqueuelen:100
         RX bytes:7520570 (7.1 MiB)  TX bytes:1495014 (1.4 MiB)

lo        Link encap:Local Loopback
         inet addr:  Mask:
         inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host
         UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:1
         RX packets:28 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
         TX packets:28 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
         collisions:0 txqueuelen:0
         RX bytes:1500 (1.4 KiB)  TX bytes:1500 (1.4 KiB)

wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:24:D6:09:91:8E
         UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1
         RX packets:122 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
         TX packets:49 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
         collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
         RX bytes:10637 (10.3 KiB)  TX bytes:7487 (7.3 KiB)

wmaster0  Link encap:UNSPEC  HWaddr 00-24-D6-09-91-8E-F1-85-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00
         UP RUNNING  MTU:0  Metric:1
         RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
         TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
         collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
         RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)



At this point I'm flailing. Thoughts? Thanks for any insight.



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