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4/3 Screen Resolution always 800x600 [solved]


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I'm using an ATI Radeon 9800 PRO card and Mandriva One 2009.1 or 2010.0 (I upgraded to 2010.0 but then it said it was going back to 2009.1), either way. When setting up the graphical server in the Control Center, the Graphic Card is automatically properly set to ATI Radeon X1950 and earlier, but no matter what Resolution I select (as long as it is a 4/3 resolution - which my monitor is) the displayed resolution is 800x600.


This problem is similar on my wife's computer which is a Gateway GT 5620 with a stock, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 display card (Mandriva One 2009.1). It's Graphic Card is properly set to Intel 810 and later, but no matter what 16/9 Resolution I set, the displayed resolution is about 1280x720.


Anybody ran into this before?

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Did you check if your monitor is fully supported? I had a similar problem once in Debian where my monitor was not properly detected by the OS, but my gfx-card was. Quite odd but sometimes it happens.

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Okay, after getting the tip to start looking at the monitor settings, I downloaded the Compaq 7550 Manual and viewed the list of available display settings. My screen is now running at a happy 1280x1024 as this was one of the approved settings per the manufacturer - selecting other settings was actually getting me 1024x768 no matter what I chose. I wish the monitor had a few more settings, but that's just the way things go with hardware...


My wife's computer on the other hand - the max resolution is 1280x720, so we're just stuck.


Thanks for you help Arctic!

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