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Mandriva 2010.0 Errata


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Check out the Errata for information on known problems with Mandriva Linux 2010.0 and, where available, how to fix, avoid or work around them.


1 Installation issues

1.1 Difficulty finishing the first boot greeting/registration window

1.2 Default user UID is now 10001 and not 500


3 Hardware issues

3.1 ACPI is enabled by default but not supported on HP mini 2133 netbooks

3.2 KMS is not well supported by some Intel graphic cards

3.3 Backlight controls don't work properly with Fujitsu Siemens esprimo mobile u9200

3.4 Slow or no internet response (particularly web browsing) because of IPv6 issues

3.5 USB removable storage devices and internal HD partitions can't be mounted from Dolphin or Nautilus

3.6 Sometimes you may see anomalies which may be caused by speedboot

3.7 HP Scanners or All-in-One type HP printers scan function won't work

3.8 No Sound on Headphones

3.9 The graphical X server fails to start with S3 Unichrome graphics chipsets

3.10 Viewing videos fails on some GeForce 8400M cards with the proprietary driver

3.11 Some Java applications may cause stability problems with NVIDIA driver

3.12 System freeze with the proprietary ATI driver with some hardware

3.13 On boot you might see a message about waiting for a hard disk device to appear

3.14 HAL doesn't mount a SonyEricsson Xperia X10 even though lsusb recognizes it.


4 Upgrade issues

4.1 Theme not updated in boot menu

4.2 Automatic Update Applet Offers "Upgrade" to 2009.1

4.3 Samba accounts from a previous install may not work after upgrade


5 Software issues

5.1 General

5.1.1 Using Install & Remove Software (aka rpmdrake) gives an error about missing packages

5.1.2 When logging in you may see a warning about password expiration

5.1.3 After a fresh install or upgrading to 2010.0 you may see an notification to "upgrade to 2009.1"

5.1.4 Wireless regulatory domain

5.1.5 Keyboard layout in virtual terminals ("console") not set on boot/defaults to us layout

5.1.6 Kaffeine does not play DVB channels anymore

5.1.7 File Managers hang when listing directories and files in user's /home

5.1.8 Totem crashes when playing audio files

5.1.9 Epiphany (or other webkit based applications) crash a lot on non-SSE2 processors (like Athlon XP)

5.1.10 Dump doesn't work at all with EXT4

5.1.11 Control+Mouse Wheel doesn't Zoom in X

5.1.12 Annoying System Beep

5.1.13 The lvm2 package is missing on the free-dual ISO

5.1.14 Mounting CIFS/SMB (Windows, Samba ...etc) shares no longer possible as non-root


5.2 KDE

5.2.1 Enabling Nepomuk fails on a fresh install of KDE4 One Live CD

5.2.2 Printer configuration tool is not installed by default in KDE One editions

5.2.3 K3b is not available on the KDE One edition ISO's

5.2.4 Adding openDesktop widget in KDE4 crashes plasma


5.3 Gnome

5.3.1 Sound events enabled for various actions in GNOME

5.3.2 No suspend/hibernate options from GNOME's battery applet/gnome-power-manager


5.4 Firefox

5.4.1 Clicking on a mailto link in Firefox doesn't open in the DE's default/preferred email application

5.4.2 Firefox sometimes marks all typed words as misspelled even though they are spelled correctly

5.4.3 In Firefox flash content doesn't play smoothly or doesn't work at all If you're running 64bit Firefox

5.4.4 Firefox doesn't change the colour of visited links

5.4.5 Under KDE4, the buttons in message dialogues in Firefox-3.6.x are laid out differently

5.4.6 Opening hyperlinks from some GTK-based applications doesn't work after updating Firefox to a new version


5.5 Openoffice.org

5.5.1 Functionalities which do not work in One edition

5.5.2 No icons on toolbar, only text


5.6 3D-accelerated desktop

5.6.1 Video playback glitches


[updated 13 June 2010]

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