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Got a Mac? Can you see this?


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This is where I work;



It started when I told the prepress mgr that I thought these images weren't quality images. That's another story, he agreed, explained why, and they will be fixed. First, you WILL find a lot of stuff out of place etc...etc... most were fixed until files were being replaced in an attempt to fix the REAL prob.


The Mac's at work can't see the background. You can get to;


but still no background. The main page shows nothing and is just a blank, white page.


Go over to a win95, 98, or 2k box (IE5.5, or Mozilla-1.5) and though it see's the background, it takes a looOOog time to display, the first time, each visit. Linux has no prob at all...hehehehe.


So, I'm thinking, corrupt .gif. Well, we've restored everything to try and fix the mac issue and nothing works. Keep in mind, this is not my job I have other resposibilities, so I'm not sitting there on the server doing the work, so there's no telling what the prob is. The pages I fixed and validated


are no longer up in an attempt to get it viewable b4 going home for the night.


Because of the industry we're in, most of our vendors/customers use Mac, so this is something that has to be fixed. So, I was hoping someone knew of someway, like running a browser in a terminal, on a Mac to get output as to why this is happening.


Any thoughts appreciated!


BTW, my first is up


but that's all, just up. Nothing interesting yet. ;)

I also haven't cleaned up the code, so don't look :juggle:

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Okay, I looked at the code before I read the last sentence. You're going to have a LOT of cleaning up to do since it was created with Front Page. There are just so many problems with the pages. Anyway, the quality of the background image isn't great to start with. For a picture like that I'd suggest a .jpg. It'll take longer to load but it'll look better. Second, they have both a background image and background color set for the entire page. Not sure they would do that but have you tried removing the bgcolor and just leaving the background image? I dunno. Probably not much help.

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I was referring to my code but yes, it's a mess. Yes again to the quality of the images. Actually, .jpg is exactly what the prepress mgr said. See, this was done a long time ago by someone that doesn't work there anymore. So these issues have been on the todo list for quite some time.


Excuse me for being the html n00b, but where's the background color set...what's the code?....I'm not seeing it, I guess.


..anyone ever use html tidy?...and do you think it may help?



I've been using mozilla composer at work to get the pages to validate, then emailing them to the employee that's also editing and uploading to the server.

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<BODY style="background-color: rgb(204, 204, 206); background-image: url('../images/CD%20Cover2.GIF')" Got if off the contact page.


Mozilla Composer is supposed to be pretty good from what I hear. Should help a lot. :)

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<BODY style="background-color: rgb(204, 204, 206)
:o I coldn't see the forest, for the trees :o


But that's not in the main page source. Hmmmm. AND, I d/k where the ../image DIR came from.....she must have created that on the server after the last time I viewed the source.



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I believe the background image thing is a css trick, so that is why it passed the html test.


try this:




<STYLE type="text/css">
background-image: url(images/gulf.jpg);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top left;



BTW: the image is at images/gulf.jpg and not at ../images/gulf.jpg

and also I tested the above on an old Power MAC G3 with OS 8.6 using mozilla 1.0 and IE 5.1

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Forgot to mention. Page looks great!
Thank you! :D


Yes scoopy, I prefer css as well. I'll try that tomorrow at work. I told the prepress mgr about css already so it shouldn't be a prob. Did you just convert the gif to jpg in the gimp? Please leave it up and give me a chance to get to work tomorrow and get it. I didn't have a chance to do anything with it tonight because an old friend stopped by unexpectedly. Sheesh, it's 1:30AM :o .


Strange that it's fine everywhere but the macs at work.


Thanks for all the input!

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Did you validate the CSS for the page too? Any idea what browser the page is failing on (probably a version of IE on mac)? For a quick fix I'd suggest removing the body style section and replacing it with a good old html set of tags. In the long term the entire page (and/or site) should be migrated to a CSS setup - it'll look better and be easier to maintain.


To produce a jpeg from a gif I'd probably just use the convert tool, part of ImageMagick.

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You keep making me so jealous i can't think straight!!!!


:angry: (just kiddin - well not about the jealousy bit)




I remember giving you some advice on your blacksmith (sorry if thats trivialising 'farrier?' page) (orthopeaddic farrier ????) BAHHHH


Anyway.... I suggested you just start again....

A reckoned it would take you a couple of days at most (based on what I do at work getting rid of MS'isms) AND that it would look much better than you spending 2 days trying to mess about with the auto generated code...


Anyway.... Did it work out ????

I have messed about getting rid of FrontPage stuff and i no longer even try!! I just start again and copy the plain text (- formatting)


In the end you end up with a much nicer looking and easier to maintain site.


I'd be tempted to just do the same here....


Just my 2c

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Did you just convert the gif to jpg in the gimp?

Nope, was at work, where we use MAC 0S 8.6 and photoshop. Also ran a quick "despeckle" on the background image to try and rid that look it got from being a 256 color gif file.


Strange that it's fine everywhere but the macs at work.


I did get those blank pages too.

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Did you validate the CSS for the page too?
there's is no css for the site. Hopefully that'll change.


Any idea what browser the page is failing on (probably a version of IE on mac)?
yes, ie for mac


We have many macs and many os versions, and all I know is 3 diff setups could not view the page.


scoopy, :o

so you did get blanks! I d/k what all she has done today. Starting over IS best, but no one wants do to all the work :P (downloaded your version so you can remove it now, thanks)

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