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Guest rhaas

kde4 not starting from graphic login screen

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Guest rhaas



currently fighting with an issue that keeps me away from my kde.

When I try to login from graphical login screen I get a black screen including mouse arrow than flipping back to the loginscreen.

System was running stable and fine a day ago.


Any help apreciated!!

I would like to solve the problem. Reinstal is not my first option, because I do not want to run in the same problem again.




Mandriva Linux relase 2009.1 (Official) for i586

Kernel on a Dual-processor i686

graphic device is intel 810


What I tried to solve the problem:


login on console is possible

checked and cleared tmp folders for user and root

df reports more than 3.6G for / and 167G for /home

added a newuser and tried to login from graphic loginscreen without success

tried to startx as user or root on console without success

ends with:

error setting MTTR ... invalid argument (22)

nothing unusual in /etc/X11/xorg.conf (compared it with an old version in a tar archive)

just warnings in /var/log/Xorg.0.log no errors


regards /rhaas

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