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First Gnome/Metacity, now KDE as well? [solved]


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I use Matlab+Simulink a lot, and have many windows open. Even though both KDE and Gnome panel have an ability to group those windows together, the list could be quite large - easily more than a dozen windows. In all my previous Mandriva + KDE installations, I was able to bring, say, a scope window up to the foreground by clicking on an icon in the simulink model - this was much easier than going through the panel and the list.


After moving to Ubuntu, I found that this was no longer possible. Clicking a scope only highlighted a tab in the panel, but does not bring the scope window to the foreground. Some googling suggested that that this was a new design feature in Metacity to prevent new windows from stealing the focus.


What a surprise is to find out that KDE has adopted a similar feature. If I click a scope in a model, all I have is a blue tab in the panel, and a flashing window name. I run Mandriva 2009.1 with KDE 3.5, but windows behave exactly the same as in Ubuntu. Is there a way to setup windows to behave the way I used to?


KDE 3.5 control center has a menu for Window-Specific Settings, with a single entry "Disable focus stealing prevention for XV". This sounds like a right place to look, but I have no clue what to do.



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