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Just trying to change flux toolbar color but afte reading some tutorials and documentation I was only able to change texture issues and fonts.

I'm using flux 0.9.6 pre1 devel version and whenever a choose a pre-installed theme style the toolbar color is not affected.

I've already edited the style file but no success in changing its color.

Does anyone have a idea of what is going on here? Is it buggy?

Thanks for any response.

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I'm not sure what you mean by the toolbar color and how it's not being changed. It should be. Check out rpmfind.net and maybe download a newer devel? Or, if you're not using rpm's, why not get the CVS tree? There have been a lot of improvements since 0.9.6pre1. One of the things you might be seeing, although I don't remember it being in pre1, is the pixmap support on the toolbar.

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have just downloaded flux from cvs repository and now I have everything working like a charm here.

actually the problem was not with the color of the toolbar, but when iconifying a window, the toolbar didn't get the same color of the window bar, button, whatever (not sure how to name it, just starting to play around with themeing).

anyway, thanks for you help.

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Because in the dev versions > 0.9.6 it becomes the iconbar.


Have a look at www.imaginere.dk


Ikaro there has some great tutorials and loads of mad pixmap themes for you to enjoy.



I was there yesterday, as a new member, and downloaded a bunch of pixmap styes. Actually I'm using Simple F style with some changes.

Looks great.

Thanks for all you help.

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