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I have Nvidia GE 9500FX graphics card. I was able to install proprietary Nvidia drivers for this card using MCC ("Setup the Graphics Server"). Initially the installer downloaded driver version 173.xxx. For some reason, the installer experienced some problems with that driver and reverted back to the xorg driver, but when I repeated the process, the installer pulled a newer kernel from the sources and installed the newer nvidia driver, version 180.yyy. The system became very snappy, which I liked


Unfortunately, eventually, when I switched back to the original kernel and reconfigured the graphics (silly me!), I somehow managed to downgrade back to the driver version 173.xxx. Now I cannot upgrade to version 180, regardless the kernel i use. Is it possible to force the upgrade?


Another, perhaps an unrelated question... How can I speed up keyboard? In KDE 3, there used to be sliders to adjust keyboard repeat rate and delay. Is there anything like that in KDE 4?



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