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Going back to b44 from ndiswrapper


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Ok, so my wireless card was having some problems, so I was screwing with that, but at one point when I was configuring ndiswrapper I selected the wrong driver and ended up with ndiswrapper controlling my wired ethernet card. And now I can't download any large files ('large' meaning a couple megs) without my connection dying and refusing to come back until I do a complete reboot. (I've tried ifdown and ifup, as well as ifplugd -ki) But now I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I believe my card should be using the b44 driver, but every time I try removing and/or blacklisting ndiswrapper and reconfiguring it, mcc says that there's no adapter to configure. I don't mind if this means completely removing ndiswrapper, as I did manage to get my wifi back to the native driver...so the only thing it's being used for now is the wired.


Oh, and some miscellaneous info that may be useful:

Ethernet card: BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX

Mandriva version: One 2009.0

Kernel version:

ndiswrapper version: 1.55

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