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Can't login to Gnome


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I have just installed 2008.0 Powerpack on an older laptop. (It's the only version that works well.) I loaded new apps from the repositories, but with them came KDE. Now, when I boot up and login, it goes directly to KDE, not Gnome. Unfortunately, I also installed a GDM login page (from gnome-look.org), but I cannot choose between KDE and Gnome; there is no option given.


Is there a way, from KDE, to start a Gnome session?

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You can choose either KDM or GDM.

On KDM, simply disable autologin.

If you switch to GDM, then delete the .dmrc file first, else it won't work properly.

And, you should not install anything from gnome-look.org - mixing RPM packages is the safest way to break your system. GDM is easily available via URPMI.

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Thanks everyone. I got it going. In MCC there was actually no KDM listed as an option, only GDM. I had to do autologin and give the Gnome option for it to work. I also deleted .dmrc. All is fine now.


I have two HP Omnibook 6100s; they are identical except for different size hard drives. The other one has been running 2008.0 since it came out with very few glitches. I always noticed though that when I installed Amarok KDE was also installed and the next boot always went to KDE.


And thanks about the warning about gnome-look, but that login screen works fine on the other identical machine. I guess not so here.


Thanks again.

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The binaries at Gnome-Look.org are generic ones, which expect to find configuration files and other binaries to trigger at very specific places.

But since the specs of oendesktop.org do not cover every app and every distro, chances are that either you will do some damage installing stuff from there, or it will simply not work properly.

But since 95%+ of the stuff there is prepackaged for your distro (either in official, or unofficial repositories) there should be no worries.

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