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Downgrading Amarok


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You will need kdelibs3 and qt3 (both should be available), plus downgrading a couple of libraries. The latter could be a serious issue.

My recommendation:

1. Use another music manager. Songbird is very buggy and eating too much RAM, Banshee is even buggier and very sluggish (typically for a Mono app), but Quodlibet, Exaile and Rhythmbox ain't bad at all. Even better is the new (0.6.X series) Listen, which is GTK, but with rather few GNOME dependencies. And finally, the best music manager for windoze ( Foobar2000 ) works very, very well under WINE.

2. Use Amarok 2, and wait for improvements. Already Amarok 2.1 is more than usable.

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