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Less than 2 weeks until KDE4.3 is released.


Admittedly Kde4 has been unstable at first.

Strange to use at first.


I now have kde4.2.4.


And I love it.


Only after I read the documentation on kde.org did I understand what it's all about.

Kde4 has been built to be the leading edge of desktops, and I think they've done well. Is it the leading edge? I don't know, haven't used a mac for years, vista (well just like felt a flash xp, to be honest) and gnome, well I haven't touched that for years either.


For me, KDE4, particularly my 4.2.4 version, is rock solid. Very functional. Sure I miss konqueror over dolphin.


I guess I'll have to wait and see if 4.3 gets packaged up for Mandriva.

Is anyone else looking to upgrade to the latest kde when it arrives?

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Dolphin is a very good filemanager, once you get used to its peculiarities. But KDE lets you use as default konqueror, if you wish so, or even krusader, or any non-kde filemanager (for some time I was using thunar compiled with no xfce4 desktop dependencies).

KDE 4.2.4 still has issues, but the current unstable KDE 4.3 release (RC2) is simply great. Most plasma crashes are cured, and the only serious issue ATM is qtcurve glitches (but then again, qtcurve is NOT part of the KDE4 project).

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Is anyone else looking to upgrade to the latest kde when it arrives?


Not me, my rock stable fully functional KDE 3.5 desktop serves me perfectly well, my slogan is "if it ain't broken, don't fix it"... B)

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Is anyone else looking to upgrade to the latest kde when it arrives?

Me, Me, Gimme, Gimme :D I'm sorry, but using KDE 3.x now feels like I'm using a 'Fisher Price' product (no offence meant to KDE 3.x devs).


KDE 3.x was an excellent desktop for it's time, KDE 4.x has raised the bar for me. Yes I know it still lacks in many areas however, it's stable and usable enough for everyday use.

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KDE4.3 is released today!


I've scoured around, but haven't come across anything packaged for Mandy yet :P


It will be interesting to see how this version is received, especially given the progress made since KDE4's introduction.

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 I am using KDE 4.3 Stable a few hours and I am pleased. And RPMs for Mandriva immediately available via kde.org is good news for us. 


It is too bad for Mandriva that have not KDE 4.3 in official repository for M2009.1. 


THX kde.org ;-)

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I agree, it's a shame that KDE4.3 wont be in official repos.


I am happy that it has been packaged unofficially for Mandy though. I ran an unofficial version of 4.2.1 and it was good. Version 4.2.4 was a huge improvement though.

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According to the cooker mailing list, KDE 4.3 will not be officially backported to the 2009.0 or 2009.1 repos. However it is now available at: kde/stable/4.3.0/Mandriva


Checking the readme notes shows:


* Mandriva KDE 4.3.0 unnoficial packages for 2009.0 and 2009.1


Further questions about packages, contact helio at kde dot org


Issues found at this moment:

- x86_64 instalation with skype have 32 bits pacakges installed as well. For a

smooth upgrade, enable main32 repositories too

- 2009.0 builds deosn't have falcon language bindings



urpmi.addmedia kde43 <KDE_MIRRORS>/Mandriva/<DISTRO>/<ARCH>/media/kde43

urpmi.addmedia kde43-noarch <KDE_MIRRORS>/Mandriva/<DISTRO>/noarch/media/kde43



<KDE_MIRRORS> URL of the mirror choose in download.kde.org

<DISTRO> any of 2009.0 or 2009.1

<ARCH> i586 or x86_64


Helio Chissini de Castro

Curitba, Brazil



Given most are running 32 bits (I am :D ) only falcon language bindings will be a problem. I presume they mean the falcon programming language? http://www.falconpl.org/


That reminds me.....I really need to get back into programming.......

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I've added the repos from the given URL's but all the rpm's have NO KEY. Is this just because they are on an unofficial mirror or something else?


I think that just because they are an unofficial mirror...i ignored warning about bad keys....but warnings were too much, that I stopped update, opened console, and type (as root):


#urpmi --auto-select --split-length 0


In this case will be only one warning at all   :) In first will be downloaded all packages and next all will be installed at once.




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