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Thinkpad won't wake up

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I'm trying out 2009.0 live on a borrowed Thinkpad T41p, and it seemed to be working fine. I wanted to try out Skyping with two-way video to see if it's just my laptop which can't do it or if it's a general problem. So I got as far as installing Skype, disabling pulseaudio, testing the webcam, and making the test call, but then I left it alone for a few minutes and it went to sleep.


I've tried the Function - F4 (with the moon symbol), I've tried Ctrl-Alt-F1 to F7, I've tried Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and Escape and Fn and Ctrl-Escape and everything else I can think of, even shutting the lid and opening, pulling the power out and back in, tapping (but not holding) the power button. It reacts, making a noise when I unplug the power and adjusting the screen backlight for the function keys for brightness, but I can't get it to wake up. Any clues? Or is the only option forcing a reboot with the power button?


Assuming I do have to reboot it, is there a way to stop it going into this sleep mode if I know it won't be able to wake up again?



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Suspend and hibernation is done using three different methods: the kernel pm_suspend and pm_hibernate (least reliable, but also simplest- if it's working then there's no need to look further), uswsusp (useprspace utils, probably needs rebuilding the ramdisk) and tuxonice (most sophisticated, but it needs a kernel rebuild).

Do you know which method is used for suspending?

On my current laptop pm_suspend works perfectly right out of the box, while on the older one I had to use tuxonice (...and none of them was a Thinkpad).

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I would suggest to check the acpi scripts. For me, Mandriva 2008.0 installed a very basic collection of acpi scripts. Suspend-to-RAM, turning on and off the display, brightness controls and switching the external display on and off did not work. I cannot remember the details, but I fixed these problems using the information I found on thinkwiki. Maybe, installing configure-thinkpad would do the job, I did not try that package. I use pm_suspend scripts.

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