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Microsoft Implicated in Anti-ODF Whisper Campaign


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Apparently, Microsoft have employed people to edit a Wikipedia article on ODF, which is being used as the basis for an anti-ODF whispering campaign.


More at Groklaw.

So, I bet there are dozens of ofd supporters editting ooxml in favour of odf too, thats just wikipedia. People should know better than to trust wikipedia as a reliable source of information anyway, its just politics...

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I don't know about the ODF article but I was amazed at the edit history of OOXML a while ago. Every time someone added a criticism or even a "disputed neutrality" notice to the page, one of two main editors would immediately (and I mean, every day) revert the changes back to how they wanted it. Now the page is just a long long list of every country which has ever even considered approving use of "Office Open XML", and criticism of the format is reduced to a subchapter of a subheading.



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