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KDE4 Desktop missing


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I installed some extra features for KDE4.

suddenly I had some trouble with desktop, and I got a plasma failure.


I thought that I just had to logout and in again, then it would run smoothly again, but no, the desktop are transparent like when you start a new layer in The Gimp.

And I have a lot of red icons with a white cross inside.


I have tried to uninstall everything I could find regarding KDE4 including renaming the .kde4 directory.


I dont have a clue what to do, to get it running again.


Thanks in advance.

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Your "extra features" probably included some buggy plasmoids. Don't worry, everyone has made this mistake (myself- innumerable times -DUH!).

Instead of logging out, try alt+F2 (it should work, even with plasma crashed) and type in

killall plasma && plasma

(the first argument is for removing any zombie plasma instances).

The second step is of course removing the problematic plasmoid.

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But that wouldn't do it, because I have allready removed/uninstalled all software regarding KDE4.

I'm convinsed (not entirely sure) that it's somewhere in /root, like /usr or anywhere els KDE has a directory, because I have made another user an I have the same problem with this user.


My desktop is simply "transparent" no plasma, wallpaper og taskbars :(

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I have already tried that, nothing helped.




This morning I had trouble logging in to my system, I belive that I had messed with to many files, so I choosed to reinstall Mandriva from scratch.



I searched a little more last night to find a solution for my problem, and I saw in another forum that someone suggested that it could be a difference bettween the version of KDE, when some packages was from 4.2.1 and some from 4.2.2 or maybe 4.2.3.

But what do I know? ;-)


Still saticfied with KDE4


REgards and thanks for your support.


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