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Frostwire won't start with the latest Java version

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Guest ZekeMx
Has anyone got Frostwire to work on 2009.1 ? If so, how? What am I missing?



I've been able to install Frostwire many times.


At first it seems not to be compatible with java-1.6.0-sun but it actually is.


The problem is very strange, probably a path problem, and I had exactly the same problem with many mandriva installed Pcs.


I first removed java-1.6.0-sun because I suspected Frostwires was not compatible, if you already have java-1.6.0-openjdk, check if you have java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin since this seems to create or install something that will make Frostwire work.. (I Know, I know, you don't believe me). But onces I installed java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin then Frostwire started working. Like I said, it seems something is triggered or changed in the paths here.


BUT, after all this. If you remove java-1.6.0-openjdk & java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin and install java-1.6.0-sun and all it's dependencies, frostwire continues to work.


Once I run Fronstwire from console this is what I get.


HOSTNAME IS localhost
Starting FrostWire...
Java exec found in PATH. Verifying...
Suitable java version found [java = 1.6.0_13]
Configuring environment...
Loading FrostWire:
CLASSPATH SET TO: :./jl.jar:./icu4j.jar:./log4j.jar:./jdic_stub.jar:./ProgressTabs.jar:./mp3spi.jar:./jaudiotagger.jar:./aopalliance.jar:./jogg.jar:./guice-1.0.jar:./jdic.jar:./vorbisspi.jar:./gettext-commons.jar:./onion-common.jar:./foxtrot.jar:./jorbis.jar:./httpcore-4.0-beta2.jar:./httpcore-nio-4.0-beta2.jar:./httpclient-4.0-alpha3.jar:./daap.jar:./junit.jar:./FrostWire.jar:./jflac.jar:./forms.jar:./commons-codec-1.3.jar:./onion-fec.jar:./themes.jar:./jython.jar:./lw-all.jar:./httpcore-niossl-4.0-alpha7.jar:./tritonus.jar:./clink.jar:./commons-logging.jar:./messages.jar:./looks.jar:./jmdns.jar:./jcraft.jar
****STARTUP DEBUG: Is this a supported windows or Mac? false
**OverlayAd.image() - OVERLAY AD, im going to load:file:///home/sergio/.frostwire4.18/overlays/frostclick_default_overlay.jpg
UpdateManager.scheduleUpdateCheckTask() - TimerTask.run()
UpdateManager.checkForUpdates() - Invoked
Trying to start chat panel...
initializing chat community...
Creating new IRC App...
Initializing new IRC App...
UpdateMessageReader.startElement overlay intro=true
UpdateMessageReader.endElement() - addOverlay
UpdateMessageReader.endElement() - addOverlay
UpdateMessageReader.startElement overlay intro=true
UpdateMessageReader.endElement() - addOverlay
UpdateMessageReader.endElement() - addOverlay
UpdateMessageReader.startElement overlay intro=true
UpdateManager.isMessageForMe() - Message was null
UpdateManager.checkForUpdates() - We have overlays to update.
UpdateManager.updateOverlays() invoked.
Smileys should be ACTIVE!
Initialized! new IRC App...
getting nick: Chat enabled?: true
Removing previous banners...
Getting banners from server...
Loading banners...
User-Agent: FrostWire/Linux/4.18.0




This are the steps that have worked for me to run Frostwire.


Remove Java






Run frostwire in console to see if it works.



If it didn't: Gob bless you my brother. In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. :P


In my case I wanted to have the Java from sun, so I removed: java-1.6.0-openjdk


And installed:










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Well after you posted here....I installed it here and was having the same problems you have but I did something I might regret later but solve my problem

I ran frostwire as root in the first time (I know is risky, and opens a big problem, that's why I said that I might regret later) then close it and open it as normal user and it worked...have you tried?

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Guest ZekeMx

Yes I did tried it before and it worked by runing it as root, the it worked fine as normal user.


But the last time I installed it, that was the most troubling, but I did remembered that the first times I had java-1.6.0-openjdk installed. I don't remember if I had java-1.6.0-opendjk-plugins.


It was until the last time that I had a lot of problems.. I lost half of my day researching on what could be the problem. That's when I did some test in 2 PCs with Mandriva and "prove" that after installing java-1.6.0-opendjk-plugins Frostwire worked fine.


I'll try it again this weekend on virtual machines.. hehe... This is just very strange.

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