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how do I stretch - without stretching...?


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I have an image that I want to use as the background to a logo. The basic image is of a tomato which I have made slightly translucent. What I want to do is change the size of the image by stretching it to fit the logo size - but I don't want the tomato to look stretched, but it doesn't matter if the background that the tomato is on is stretched. The background is part of the original tomato image.


The original image (after transparency) can be viewed at www.redfruit.co.uk/images/translucentTomato.png


Does this make any kind of sense?


If it does - then any ideas would be appreciated. I'm using the gimp to edit the images.

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That's pretty good - but it needs to be longer and thinner - without the tomato looking stupid. I want it to be about w:500 x h:75 apprx. It's ok for the tomato to get lost a bit at the top or bottom - but it needs to be largely there.


I was wondering if I could get away with copying and pasting sections of the background to increase the length of the image - not sure if I could do this and not have it look like I've done that though...


Anon: the images you have done don't squish the tomato too much, but it couldn't go much more than that I wouldn't think


Edit: to give everyone a bit more background - I'm trying to desing a company logo. What I'm currently thinking is 500x75 with this image as the background (the tomato to one side) and the text Red Fruit IT in as uitable colour on top. The text I can do :D It's getting the image to be the right size/shape that I'm struggling with - I suspect largely because I don't know the Gimp all that well...

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:lol:  You're welcome.


I cut out the very right side of the background and resized it to 500 X 75.  I resized the tomato to a height of 75px and then copied and pasted it over the background.

Smart ass :evil:



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Mystified. I have a question. Just how do you quickly cut out just the tomato without getting any background?

Free handing is a real pain. And color removal just doen't work right for me. Do you set the "select" limits to just include the background or the tomato, then clean it up by hand?

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I dunno what you mean by freehanding, unless you mean the freehand select tool. This is how you do it in the Gimp.


Right click the image area

Click Dialogs -> Layers, Channels and Paths

Click the Channels Tab

Either right click in there and select New Layer or click the single white piece of paper in lower left.

Accept the default of 50%

Your image will look kinda greyed out

This is a mask

(I may be using the terms backwards, but hopefully you'll know what I mean)

White takes away from the mask and black adds back to it

Click the paint brush and select a fairly large brush and choose white

Paint the tomato with it

You'll see the tomato get more clear

If you go over the edge of the tomato, select black and paint the background a little

You can change your brush sizes to get detailed and zoom in and stuff

When you're satisfied that you think all the tomato is painted and none of the background (the clearer part of the image is what is going to be selected) rightclick on the new channel in the Channel Dialog window and select "Channel to Selection".

If you don't think the selection is just right, right-click the image and choose Select->None and go back with the white or black brush on that channel and edit.

Once you've got a good selection, click the Layers tab and click the main layer to make it active and right click the image and choose Edit -> Copy

You can now go to your new image that has the background you want and right-click it and choose Paste.



Photoshop has a similar thing called Layer Mask and Mask to Selection.

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