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Mandriva Netbook


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HERCULES 8" Mini-Netbook "eCafe"


German link: https://www.pearl.de/product.jsp?curr=DEM&a...amp;pdid=PX6588


AMD Geode LX800 cpu with 512MB RAM, 8" TFT Widescreen Display, 1024 × 600 Pixel, 1,8" 20 GB HDD, fanless, 770 Gramm, 225 x 165 x 35 mm, 2x USB2.0, 1x VGA (D-Sub), LAN, audio, in-built webcam, microphone and multi-cardreader for 199 Euros


Entry level specs, but not that bad for a small, very light, cheap netbook that can be taken anywhere without worrying too much about it getting lost or stolen.


Edit: found it in the UK too, with better spec (Atom cpu and 9" screen), but a bit more expensive (229 pounds)




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I found there are 2 different versions available, the entry level AMD Geode based one and the mainstream Atom cpu based one:


eCAFÉ EC-800-H20G/S (Linux)



eCAFÉ EC-900/H60G-IA (Linux)



Are there any eCAFÉ users on mandrivausers.org?

I would be interested in reading some user experience reports about the eCAFÉ.

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