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Why me these packages?


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Making a daily update. I have a NVIDIA graphics card, see:


1. urpmi.update -a

2. urpmi --auto-select


..... kdeplasma-addons 4.2.3 0.2mdv2009.1 i586

plasma-applet-showdesktop 4.2.3 0.2mdv2009.1 i586

plasma-applet-yawp 0.2.3 1mdv2009.1 i586

x11-driver-video-intel 2.7.0 1.0.1mdv2009> i586

x11-driver-video-sisimedia 0.9.1 1.20080808.6> i586


I have nvidia video card. I have to manually install packages ....Lex

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Guest smurf

I'm having a similar issue. I have a Dell Inspiron, with a nvidia video card, and software management is telling me that I need this x11-driver-video-sismedia 1.20080808.6 driver.


I was curious as to why this might be required... Is it just an addition to the drivers that would be loaded on a new install?

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Today's update


May 19 06:33:54 localhost MandrivaUpdate[4360]: [RPM] perl-URPM-3.30-1.1mdv2009.1 installed

May 19 06:35:11 localhost MandrivaUpdate[4360]: [RPM] libsasl2-2.1.22-34.1mdv2009.1 installed

May 19 06:35:13 localhost MandrivaUpdate[4360]: [RPM] x11-server-common-1.6.1-2.1mdv2009.1 installed

May 19 06:35:14 localhost MandrivaUpdate[4360]: [RPM] libgnutls26-2.6.4-1.2mdv2009.1 installed

May 19 06:35:15 localhost MandrivaUpdate[4360]: [RPM] x11-server-xorg-1.6.1-2.1mdv2009.1 installed

May 19 06:35:15 localhost MandrivaUpdate[4360]: [RPM] libsasl2-plug-plain-2.1.22-34.1mdv2009.1 installed

May 19 06:35:16 localhost MandrivaUpdate[4360]: [RPM] x11-driver-video-sisimedia-0.9.1-1.20080808.6.1mdv2009.1 installed

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