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how to configure multiple pop or imap mail accounts

Guest tezca

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how do I configure multiple pop or imap mail accounts strictly from the shell, I've read a little that linuxconf can do this but ifmy server is running just the bash shell with no gui, will linuxconf display its terminal screen through remote access via ssh?


the other problems I had with the mail server and pop not accepting connections were firewall related,...... I don't know were my brain went :roll:

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On a Linux platform, pop accounts are simply user accounts. And imap are the same, I think.


Anyway, you can run linuxconf in console. There's a command-line option to do this. Try linuxconf --help or man linuxconf.



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If you just want to read mail from several pop accounts, you just need a client that supports it. E.g. sylpheed


But he is using a server so he may want to use that for backup/multiple users/fun/etc..

certainly i prefer doing my users mail backups from the server than on there clients.


sylpheed? mozilla mail all the way :P hehe just kidding i will allow you to use what ever app you want :) (as long as it's not Outlook!).


As to the actual question.

I just have a normal account for each of the users which gives them a mail file in the var/spool/mail directory. and i use fetch mail to periodically check the pop mail boxes on the isp and then it sorts the mail according to my fetchmailrc file.


Ummm the trouble is i set this up ages ago and i forgotten exactly how i did it :oops:

Thats the trouble with linux, it doesn't break like windows Nt so i don't get to constantly refresh my memory by setting it up over and over again!.


I believe the docs in the old board should help you out alot.



Actually we need and updated doc on this for this board, i am gonna upgrade my work server to 9.0 in a month or so, so i may write a tut for 9.0 while i do it.

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