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compiz upgrade question


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I am running Mandriva 2008.1 with KDE and compiz 0.7.6 (0.7.6-1mdv2008.1). I would like to update compiz to the 0.8.2 version.


I have found a 2009.1 rpm (0.8.2-1mdv2009.1.i586.rpm). Will this package work under Mandriva 2008.1, or am I just asking for trouble?


Herein lies a fundamental problem with linux. I don't want to update my entire OS, but the repositories eventually limit the versions of software available for installation. I have made the jump and installed the newest versions of Openoffice using their rpms. Firefox and Thunderbird are easy to update, just download and drop the folder in the correct location. But when it comes to compiz I worry that things may be more complicated.

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Herein lies a fundamental problem with linux.
Correction, here-in lies the problem with distributions that use point release cycles. This is NOT a problem with distributions that have a rolling release cycle. Additionally, it is a problem in other OS's too - not all applications for OS X run on OS X 10.2, not all applications for Windows run on Windows 2000.


As for if things will get complicated, I'd guess they would. If I recall correctly, some of the compiz deps have new versions on 2009.1 (i.e. xorg), which that compiz package would have been built against, making it incompatible with 2008.1.

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Using newer packages on older releases is less likely to work than the opposite (in fact you might notice 2008.1 repositories as well as newer ones, still contain quite a few packages of older releases that work just fine).


I would recommend to download the SRC rpm and then rebuild it, that's much more likely to work.

(I have done that successfully for quite a few packages recently, that I then announced here and that are available on my website).


If you need pointers on how to rebuild from a SRC rpm, just ask.

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I would like to update this thread.


I was seeking to update compiz as a possible solution to a window decorator problem I was having as discussed here link


I am not sure if the compiz update would resolve my problem, but I felt this option was worth pursuing initially. I have since decided that an easier path would be to try emerald rather than KDE for my window decorator. So far, so good! I have seen no decorator problems and emerald offers more ability for customization. :D


I know it is vain and silly, but I like the eye-candy B)

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