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POLL - Linux compatible?? (read 1st) good or bad?? (edit)

Is it good for linux they work or Bad ??  

  1. 1. Is it good for linux they work or Bad ??

    • If it works it works - who cares -its GOOD
    • Well, it could be better but so what -apathy
    • Its BAD overall for Linux-support the ones who support linux

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What Im saying is if a manufacturer accidentally makes it linux compatible (and we know it works) is it good or bad to buy it over another manufacturer who has deliberately made it linux compatible.


Or even the two manufacturers both have generic products which work but you know manufactuerer A has lots of open source drivers for other products that actually need drivers whereas Manufactuerer B doesn't.


Their is usually a price hit. IT seems to be mostly the cheap manufactuerers who ONLY sell for the mass windows market and big co's like NVIDIA/Matrox/Creative/Adaptec who actually write drivers for their linux customers. Their generic stuff is usually a little bit more than the generic stuff from the discount lines only manuf's.

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I think I now get your meaning.


Once again, I believe if the prerequisite of "the product doesn't suck" is satisfied, I will tend to support products with more commitment to Linux. However, as we shall see, it's not always a thumbs-up to manufacturers who want users to upgrade to new products - because kernel-based driver usually will not be obsolete when the hackers are around to port and hack them to run in newer kernels. In other words, stopping driver development to force hardware upgrades will not work on Linux, but it probably will work on Windows. Of course I do not consider it a good business practice to do this kind manipulative action to customers; but as we shall see, it might really reduce hardware upgrade incentives in the future.

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