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Belkin USB Bluetooth Adaptor problems


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I bought a Belkin Bluetooth Adaptor (F8T017) to make file transfer between my PC and mobile phone a lot easier than copying everything to the phone's memory card then fiddling around with the cable. However Mandriva 2009.0 doesn't automatically recognise it unless I open up HardDrake, whereupon it demands I install Kdebluetooth4. Which would be fine if I was running KDE4, but I'm running GNOME.


Thinking laterally, I installed all the GNOME Bluetooth components, but Gnome phone manager doesn't see the adaptor and HardDrake still demands I install Kdebluetooth4, which by the list of dependencies, appears to need KDE4 itself installed.


Even upgrading to Bluez 4.32 and Bluez-gnome 1.8 didn't resolve the KDE4 dependency.


Surely GNOME shouldn't need KDE4 installed in order to use this Bluetooth adaptor?

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