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XFCE 4.6


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It may not be the perfect DE, but ATM there's nothing better than that (probably KDE 3.5.10, but since it's obsolete we'd rather try something else instead).


Never was a truer word spoken - I use nothing else but XFCE now (actually not quite, I still use KDE 3.5.10 on suse 11, for two reasons, first it is the only KDE distro that hasn't self-destrtucted by trying to make KDE4 work and secondly because XFCE won't work on Suse 11 - not for me anyway). Truth is I hardly ever use Suse anyway, the only reason I haven't deleted it is because it is the only one of my 4 distros on which the BBC Iplayer desktop will work properly (ie. will save programs to disk as well as stream them). Something to do with Kwalletmanager I think.

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Yes, xfce-goodies-4.6-installer.run. Before I install all library from how-to / Preparations

file:///home/lex/Pobrane/xfce-4.6.0/Instalation.html , ouuuu

Installing Xfce

Benedikt Meurer





i have never used the xfce installer, only mdv packages, I believe exo is part of xfce

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You have to install the regular xfce 4.6 stuff before xfce4-goodies. I never install the full "goodies", as they have several annoying Gnome dependencies (the most annoying one in the case of XFCE 4.6: gstreamer).

Plus that I do not like the idea of installing such stuff over a regular rpm, deb or whatever-package-there-is distribution... There is always the danger overwriting system files.

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