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Updates with MandrivaUpdate


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This problem that I am about to report has been present since the very first version of Mandriva I ever used (2007 I think). If you use MandrivaUpdate to update your installation it is absolutely impossible to prevent it from trying to update all the packages it finds, even if it cannot do so. Let me explain.


In cooker today I have 8 updates showing, 7 of them are genuine working updates and one of them is impossible to install by any means including the command line. If you use MandrivaUpdate the entire update will fail - exactly the same happens if you use urpmi --auto-update.


The sensible course of action in this case is to uncheck the faulty update from the list in MandrivaUpdate, but it makes no difference, as soon as you click on the 'Update' button it is added back again and thus the update fails (again).


I took it a stage further and unchecked all the updates in the MandrivaUpdate list - as soon as you hit the 'Update' button, all 8 are added back again and yet again the entire update will fail.


So you are going to say, that means the the other updates are dependant on the one update that is uninstallable. Wrong. To prove this I used urpmi to seperately install each of the other 7 updates and all installed successfully.


This behaviour has been going on for years now and it really would be nice if it was sorted out. In the list of updates that MandrivaUpdate presents there are check boxes which can be unticked, but since it makes no difference if you untick them or not then what is the point of having the check boxes there in the first place?


I am absolutely positive that I cannot be the first person to have noticed this, so why has it never been fixed?

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A work around:

urpmi --auto-update -v --skip /^cups-drivers/


The bug in MandrivaUpdate is known and I only saw it in 2009.0, you deselect a package but it gets selected all the same when you hit Update.


Alternatively you can update using rpmdrake by selecting All Updates from the drop down list on the left, then go through the categories, and in each one "select all" except the one you don't want to update.

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