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installing Mandrake 9.1...help please

Guest Brit

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ok im back to having the blue screen, this is what it is doing


from command prompt i startx, then i get a plain blue screen then a black one (my monitor tells me there is no inpuit signal) then the blue screen, there is a white box that keeps flashing, and the taskbar comes and goes. Then after it settles down, i am left with the blue screen with the wave and the hour glass



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The sony bit is helpful.



I think the WAVE is the splash screen and something just isn't working.


We can try first (remember from init 3) to use start<dahdah> and hope something simpler than KDE will work.

Also we can create a new user which should be clean....maybe something earlier messed up some of the config thats written to your user directory.

I'm going to asume your user is sue and were going to create one called brit.


Some explanations:

The flashing and stuff is becuase it can't find a usable resolution, its trying different combinations but can't find one that works...


Now the wavy line thing ...

This is


The sony monitor having some clever setting that shows a blue wavy thing if it can't find a signal


It eventually found one and its the Mandrake background but its failing on initialising your default window Manager.


First we'll work with the latter.


First off: From init 3 (you should be getting good at this)

log in as root...

Now type drakconf


You should get a text mode type menu. Youve been here before for drakex :D


This time were going to choose to create a new user with the defaults.

Im on NT now and your work hours seem incompatible with mine so Ill assume you can do that.

Call it whatever but Ill refer to it as brit


Now quit the drakconfig.

Your still root so

cp /root/XF86Config.new /etc/X11/XF86Config-4

Im presuming you can remake the drake generated one any time and unless you deleted it we have it from yesterday...



lets try the basic window manager...(note the (-) below)

su - brit

(it won't ask for a password becuase your doing this as root)


Now lets try the basic window manager...



Give that a try....

remember your 'brit' not 'sue' at the moment


Try that....

If it works let me know

If not.... We'll try and download a UPDATED ONE BY TEXT MODE....


If it works we can fix your other 'sue' user.

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not to beat a dead horse, but that's the EXACT problem i had on my first install of MDK & it turned out to be the incompatabe monitor/video settings & driver that i spoke of earlier in this thread. as i'm still a bit of a newb, i can't really help you they way Gowator can. my solution, (back then before i knew any better or found this forum) was to reinstall MDK & reset the monitor/video settings & driver manually when it gives you that chance during the final stages of install.....



does what i'm saying make sense to you? i know exactly what Brit is experiencing. all seems to boot fine, you get to the login screen, you log in, the KDE boot screen appears, it starts loading, it disappears, the Kicker & KDE desktop flash several times like it's trying to load, then it just stops & kicks you back to the blue wave background screen with an alternating cursor & timer (wait icon). i just don't have the knowledge to help Brit like you can. sorry if i'm stomping on your toes here. it's just that i know what's going on here, but i can't explain to Brit how to fix it other than reinstalling & i'm sure there's an easier way.



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Hey no probs,

I think fundamentally its the video timings but Im trying to avoid a reinstall.

If it works well and good but ....

If not she's offline till it works...


But also the KDE start-up can hang quite easily for a number of reasons...

DOlsen I think posted this a while back ...about Gnome and KDE being reliant on the NW access. But also KDE initiates arts et al.


We'll try a simple window manager... no strings...

If this works we can fix KDE.


Incidentally I got to know the XF86Config very intimately .... I think I might have been one of the first people to ever getXinerama running before it was documented....


I know the guy at Matrox (Ben) was pretty surprised when my problems related to the second monitor and the specific Matrox driver commands.

He tried to 'bribe me' into some development by saying he could release all the undocumented stuff to me then :wink: (in a nice way- quite flattering actually)


In the end it was nothing clever, just hard work....

I printed (hardcopy) the whole XFREE864 docs and read the whole damned lot....not rocket science just pure persistance...


(Sue sounds the persistent type - )

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hi Gowator


ok did what u said..and this is what i get:


icewm: using home/sue.icewm for private configuration files

icewm: Cant open display: <none>. Xmust be running and $display set.



Doesnt make sense to me




Ps i am very persistent.

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Ps i am very persistent.


:D Thought so !!!


Right Im at home...


1st off, are you logged in as the user we decided to call brit....

Remember, you need to be at run level 3 (from init 3 or ix's way from rebooting)

Then (after copying the stuff as root)

you need to do the starticewm


Did you create the new user ???

Is it called Sue ???


If so ... hang ten cos Im going to actually cripple my X for a minute or 2 and see if I can't simulate the same thing :D


Post back and Ill see u in 10

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Hey here I am in init 3.. using icewm...


I forgot a little (hehe)


Gnome and KDe automatically startX but ice doesn't



What you need to do (this is just for testing...) is

at init 3

(type it again as root to be sure... if its already at RL 3 nothing happens)

OK - were using root becuase we don't need to worry aboput permissions ...

Just check first though

as root type


(this makes sure your in /root)

ls -a X*


you should have a file


Now were going to bypass the startx command



Now hopefully you get a blue screen and a single terminal....

If you do



in the terminal.


This should start the window manager ....

Let me know how this goes !!!

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wow i have a very small gui..... :D


i typed ls -a X*

and i got XF86Config.new i didnt get Xauthority.


But i started icewm and it came up very small but its there.


In the terminal there were a few errors about not being able to load fonts.



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OK, that means you have X working ...

Its probably KDE thats screwed.


We can woory about that later but ...

Now you can actually use that with your browser...

If you chose default options in install then you will have Mozilla installed so we'll use that.


If you type a command at the command line and follow it with a & it backgrounds the task... that means it leaves the session open


Do you wanna try this yet ....

For security we'll not connect as root ...

So in the little box first type

 xterm &

This should make a new Xterm and your old one is still usable


In this I want you to type

  su - sue

Now type mozilla &

You should start Mozilla ... Meeet me back here from inside X :D

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Do you know how to use IRC???


Instant messaging might be good now...

I used IRC once and its pretty good but I forgot all the commands

Do you have a yahoo account or wanna try IRC ???

Theres a special channel for MandrakeUSers !!


But Im forgetting how to do it...

We'll fix your fonts first ???

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