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In what kind of PC or Laptop are you running MDK?


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My home machine runs Mandrake 2005LE on:


AMD Athlon XP 1700+ running at 1466MHz

256MB DDR RAM Edit2: Now 512MB

Western Digital 160GB primary drive

80GB secondary drive (previously my Windows drive, can't remember mfr)

Toshiba SD-R1002 DVD/CDRW combo drive Edit3: Now BENQ DW1620 DVD writer

SiS 315 Graphics card

VIA VT8233 sound chipset (on mobo) Edit2: Now SIS7012 Audio chipset (on new mobo)

Realtek RTL-8139 ethernet chipset (on mobo) Edit2: Now SIS900 10/100 ethernet chipset (on new mobo)

Linksys 802.11g PCI card (Edit: Now up and running thanks to instructions on this board from beesea)

Edit2: HP PSC1215 printer/scanner combo

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my home computer:


CPU: P3-1GHz

Motherboard: Chaintech CT-60JV2

Video Card: ATI Radeon 32MB AGP DDR

RAM: 256MB

Hard Drive: 40GB

Sound Card: SoundBlaster 256 Live! Value

Monitor: 17 Inch

Floppy Drive: 1.44M Drive

DVD: Raide 8X DVD

CD-Writer: Sony 52x32x52 CDRW

Mouse: Microsoft IntelliPoint Optical Scroll Mouse

Speakers: 2-piece ZoltriXound ZX-MPro w/ 300W Sub-Woofer

Network Card: RealTek 10/100 PCI Ethernet

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Homebrewed Mandrake machine from rejects from my main gaming machine:


AK35GT2 motherboard (VIA KT266A, not raid model)

Athlon XP 2100+ oveclocked to 2700+ (FSB 266->333), Zalman Cu6000 silent cooler

1G PC 2700 RAM

52x CDRW drive (samsung)

16x DVD-ROM drive (generic)

WD 120G 7200rpm 8M cache ATA 100 main harddrive

WD 120G 7200rpm 2M cache ATA 100 backup drive (unmounted/powered off most of the time)

Intel 100+ nic (eth0/main)

cheap generic RTL-8139 nic (eth1/monitoring and sniffing as needed)

SB Live! 5.1

2.1 Altec Lansing speakers (part of a 4.1 system, no room for the back speakers).

Logitech headset with mic (the one that came with UT2004 SE)

GeForce2 Ultra 64M graphic card

Compaq TFT500 LCD monitor (15" - 1024x768)

Samsung ML1710 USB printer (shared to the rest of the network with Samba)

USB/wireless keyboard and optical mouse

Belkin 4 port KVM (display/keyboard/mouse is shared with the kids' computer)

APC 350VA UPS with USB monitoring cable


This is the first machine that had a decent video card that could do hardware acceleration under linux and has opened the possibility of gaming on my linux machine too (of course my gaming machine has an ATI 9800XT which is far superior to the GeForce2 Ultra).


This is actually the first computer where I can get everything to work under linux, from sound to USB, to UPS monitoring. I do have one pretty important gripe: I can;t get lm_sensors temperature monitoring to work (see sig). let me know if you can help with that.

Edit: nevermind, got it working, just had to lie about the type of sensor my board has.

Edit again: works just find under Mandriva LE2005

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At Home:

AMD Duron 950


64M GeForce2MX


8x 4KUS DVD+R/DVD+RW drive

Mandrake 10.0 OE


At Work:

Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz

512M RAM

SiS integrated video


52x24x52x CD-RW

Mandrake 10.0 OE


Home Server:

Intel PIII 733


2x 30GB HDD

integrated S3 video

44x CD ROM

Mandrake 9.2.1


Work Server:

Dual Xeon 450




Mandrake Corporate Server 2.1

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I'm running MDK 10 official on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop at work. It's a PIII 550, and it works flawlessly (so far). I have 2 comps at home (SuSE 9.0 pro, and WinXP Pro on a P4, and a P3). Trying to dump Windoze, but wifey won't do it. I have gotten her to use Firefox though. It's a step in the right direction.



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Guest FuzzieBio

Mandrake 10.1 CE/Windows XP SP1 (screw SP2) - 90% migrated :banana:

AMD 3000+ OCd to 2.5GHz

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (rev2) mobo

BFGTech nVidia GeForceFX 5950

Corsair XMS TwinX (dual-channel) PC3200 512MB

Soundblaster Audigy Gamer

5 HDs - 30+80+80+80+160 - all 7200RPM*IDE


Generic Dual-Layer DVD Burner

Thermaltake XASERIII (LANfire series) case

2.1 Speakers

Razer Boomslang Sniper 2100 Gaming Mouse

Nostromo n52

Normal Windows Keyboard

And of course... a few obnoxious UV cold cathodes.


Obviously a gamer system, all built from scratch... my baby :jester:

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ummm.. several systems i have to work with...


one old 750mhz amd duron, 330 mb ram (my main home box with mdk10.1, fedora3, ubuntu 4.10 and yoper 2.1). i hope this box will be replaced soon :),

one 1.8 ghz notebook with 256 mb ram (secondary box at home with fedora3 and winme),

one 166 mhz pentium II MMX with 128 mbram (toybox with slack based vectorlinux),


at work:

5 apple G5 machines (for quark-xpress), 3 imacs (for dtp stuff), connected to a g5 server; two xerox-windows print servers (they are damn expensive... only 80 000 € each. what a bargain... :P), two 1.2 ghz athlon 512 mb ram boxes running with debian, 6 new dell 4 ghz boxes running windoh xp, connected to a 2.4 ghz apache server. hmm... i would like to put mandrake or something like that on all windows boxes, but my boss will kill me if i do that :D

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desktop - self-build. asus a7n8x-e deluxe motherboard, with worthless new 013 BIOS which gives me a LILO timestamp mismatch 3 out of 4 tries on bootup (me = bitter). Athlon XP-M 2500+, running at 2.2GHz. Thermalright ALX-800 heatsink, Vantec Stealth 80mm fan. Case is an Antec Overture HTPC / desktop case (so frickin' big it won't fit in my TV stand, sigh, but very, very quiet). 512MB of Samsung DDR-400 RAM. MSI Geforce4 MX440 graphics card. 160GB Seagate SATA 7200.7 hard disk. Onboard audio (it's quite good, though, Soundstorm certified, 5.1). SMC 2802Wv2 wireless card. LG DVD reader, Lite-On 812S DVD+-RW. Cheap Logitech optical wheelmouse (can't use my MX700 till I find a DC power adapter I can use in Canada). Old-skool clicky IBM keyboard, UK layout, doubles as a burglar deterrent (one hit with THIS thing and you don't get back up, it's solid steel...) Couple of cheap USB gamepads. RCA 27" flatscreen TV for videos and gaming, 17" LG flatscreen CRT monitor for desktop work (CRTs forever!) Logitech Z-5300 5.1 speakers. Total cost was around CAN$1000 - nice machine for desktop use and playing DVDs, music, other video :)


laptop is a Sony Vaio C1XD, the UK version of the C1XS. It's a four year old system, it was the second model of the Picturebook series, which pioneered ridiculously tiny laptops. It's about the size of the keyboard on a normal laptop (or a little smaller), weighs about 1kg, and has a nice 8.9" wide screen (perfect for movies). CPU is a P2/400, I updated the 64MB of RAM to 128MB and the 6GB hard disk to 30GB (then down to 20GB again, swapped the 30GB drive into my music player). I use an old Prism 802.11b wireless card in it. I love it to bits, but it's feeling a little slow these days - when I have the money I'll replace it with a Vaio U70, Vaio T series, Picturebook C1M (the last released model in the Picturebook series, it was sadly discontinued last year) or a Flybook, a system in the same form factor by a Taiwanese startup called Dialogue.


Both systems run Cooker, updated daily.

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Have to update from previous post. My computer(s) are always a work in progress, and I get bit by the hardware upgrade bug every so often. :D


See Sig, and add the Logitech Cordless iTouch Duo (cordless itouch keyboard and cordless mx700 mouse). About the only thing I would change, is go to the Pro2 version of this mobo, and go up to 2 GB ram.

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Shuttle mboard with intel chipset

Pentium4 1.8 ghz

512mb RAM @ 266hz

120gb Samsung hd ‎SP1203N (primary master)

200gb Maxtor hd 6Y200P0 (primary slave)

120gb Maxtor hd ‎6Y120L0 (secondary master)

TEAC cd drive/burner CD-W540E

SoundBlaster Live 5.1

Realtek ethernet card RTL-8139

Radeon 9000 Pro 128mb

Monitor: CTX PR711F

Xerox b/w laser printer

Logitech Z-640 5.1 speakers

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Guest FuzzieBio

I now use MDK 10.1 on my laptop:


Toshiba M35X-S149-(Centrino-Based)

1.5 MHz Pentium M (512m cache)

512m PC2700 DDR333

Intel 855GME Gfx/Sound

Integrated Atheros 802.11a/b/g Wireless (works using Madwifi drivers)


I use a slightly customized 2.6.10 kernel, and noticed a huge diference in general and graphical performance, as well as much much better ACPI (resuming from hibernation take < 30 seconds).


Got it for $600. It chugs when using Windows, but flies on linux (in comparison :cheesy: )

Well worth the money.

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  • AMD64 3000+, 512 L2 cache, Retail
  • DDRAM PC-3200 512M Kingmax
    (I need more, I run aMule along with K3b and amaroK, I can barely run eMule+ with Nero in windows without dragging though)
  • ASUS K8V K8T800
  • VGA Rosewell GF FX 5500
  • 120GB 7200 Maxtor IDE w/ WinXP native
    (soon to be Win2003 or gone entirely, Mandrake 10.1 truly is, in my mind, a windows alternative on every level.)
  • 40GB 7200 Seagate IDE w/ Mandrake 10.1 native
    (need to get some SATAs to make better use of the mainboard)
  • Onboard Audio: AD1980 6-Channel audio CODEC
  • Onboard LAN: Marvell GbE
  • DVD+/-RW 16x+ NEC ND-3500A
  • LOGITECH Z-640 5.1 70 Watt Speakers
  • BENQ 17"CRT V773
  • A-top AT859A-BK Black/Silver

I already owned the hard drives, but everything else I got for a total of $777 from www.newegg.com; heavenly eh?

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