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Customizing a wallpaper with The Gimp - no tutorial


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As some of you might know, I made/changed some wallpapers for the MUB birthday party, adding text to a wallpaper. Mystified asked if I can post here a short how to. No problem, I thought until I realized that I am using a German version of The Gimp - so all menu's and stuff are in this language. You would not understand what I am talking about. And I don't know the English wording.


Next step: I thought ok I am installing an english version. Lol. Could not figure out how.

To make it short. I ended up compiling and installing the newest Gimp devel release, 1.3.20. Almost everything rel. working with text has changed now. It's absolutely fantastic, almost all fonts are working, adding a text to an image is very easy now, with script-fu or without.


A 'vague' way how I did it with Gimp 1.25 (and 1.3.12) was:

-open the wallpaper

-open the layer dock

-create with script-fu a logo, delete the first white background layer here, then merge all visible layers

-drag the text image (from the layers window) to the open window with your wallpaper. You can select an area on the wp image before you do this.


Adding an icon or a small image to a wp: drag and drop from the layers window to the wallpaper window.


Please ask, if you need help.

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