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KDE 4.2


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I know you're using KDEmod, but if it's really a KDE bug, then it should be just as common on both.



Yes, it was with kdemod, not vanilla Archlinux KDE 4.2

But since kdemod 4.1.3 had a sh&tload of bugs, but definitely not the tendency to crash X, I guess it's a bad synergy of KDE 4.2 and the last nvidia drivers.

Another laptop, which has virtually the same package config, and is using an Intel onboard GPU, loads kdemod 4.2 without any issues.

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It's visually okay but seems pretty klunky to me.


With the old KDE I could click on the taskbar or on the desktop and create a shortcut to an application, or to a directory and it would open a Konqueror window to show that directory. How do I do that in the new KDE?

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Hey, it's Linux, get used to it, on the bright side, it's free. But remember, you get what you pay for.


Unlike with Windows where you pay through the nose to get f*cked up the ar$e... :P



(sorry, couldn't resist...:D )

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