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Bluetooth Headset Problems again


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I posted here a while ago about an issue I had about connecting bluetooth so I can use a bluetooth headset for audio. It worked perfectly, but now there is an issue again.


Following the same steps, it doesn't work and I will put the reason down to Pulse Audio. Seeing that not using Pulse Audio isn't an answer to this solution sadly, I am wondering if anyone knows how to setup a bluetooth headset in Pulseaudio.


From Googl'ing around, it is possible but I believe Pulseaudio is need of updating and if this is the case, does anyone know when Mandriva will be adding it to the repos ?


Thanks in advance B)

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What version of Mandriva do you have installed? As far as I remember, Mandriva 2009 has pulse audio. Also, Mandriva 2008.0 and Mandriva 2008.1 have it from when I checked the rpm database.

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