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Kiran Hampal

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Hi there,


I have Mandriva 2009.0.


All my computers are connected to the internet by a wireless router.

I have apache, mysql, php, perl, bind, phpmyadmin, webmin and sendmail on my laptop server.

What I want to to do is setup my laptop to be a DNS server with a domain. I want my laptop to be still connected to the internet, but so that only computers in my household to view my laptop. This is fine so far. I can browse to and access my server without anybody else seeing except other computers in my household. How do I setup my laptop to be a DNS server with a domain such as laptopserver.com, and no one else can see it except household computers and still receive the internet?


I have tried several tutorials, and can't seem to get the domain working. A full tutorial would be appreciated.







[moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]

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You could try installing drakwizard and then using this to configure the DNS server. You'll find the wizards once installed, in Configure Your Computer, or press ALT-F2 and type in mcc and run this.

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