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Guest mahiles

Where can I get any good KDE themes? Don't tell me themes.org or kde-look.org 'cos I've already been to them and found nothing I like. I know you people must be sick of this question but where?!!?

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kde-look.org is one of the few places I see themes per se and as you have observed, it ain't all that great. I first got "liquid" there, but it broke kde and texstar's rpm saved me! What would be more interestiing is how to "package" a theme-- color scheme, window decorations, and scroll bar settings-- and post them to share. I do not know how to do that, but am interested in learning.

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If I am not mistaken, a KDE 'theme' is a bundle of



-window decoration



- and more ...


In the KDE Control Centre you can combine all these.


In a standard installation of MDK the basic kdeartwork package from the cd is not installed. This was my first step.

Afterwards I searched at texstar and plf for packages which are named like:







A lot of iconsets can be found on kde-look.org


And you may want to look at the MyDesktop thread here on the board (Off Topic). If you find a nice desktop - ask the owner :shock: , as I did: how did you do it?


Good luck!

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Exactly as anna said. Combine things until you get the look you want. Different colors, styles, icons, etc. and then open the Theme Manager in KDE Control Center. Save your current desktop as a new theme. I've found very few themes in which I like every aspect. My desktop is a combination. ;)

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If you don't like KDE's Window Manager, KWin and it's themes you can always change to metacity, fluxbox, IceWM, sawfish or one of the other great window managers out there.

All you need to do is add


export KDEWM=fluxbox


to your ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile

replacing fluxbox with the command for your chosen WM. eg: 'sawfish' for sawfish.


I always find a great wallpaper, generate a fluxbox style to go with it and find a sweet matching GTK theme at themes.org, my collection or art.gnome.org.


A great site for wallpapers and a few themes is www.deviantart.com

My deviant art stuff is at iphitus.deviantart.com My fluxbox themes at http://iphitus-themes.tk/


good luck! let me know if there is any specific you are looking for, i might be able to help!



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Erm, this is special for Mandrake as I remember> 

If you look at Mosfet's explaination,

perhaps someone who knows texstar could ask >> how do we mortals create a Mandrake compatible RPM with all the stuff in the right place ??

Texstar posted on this board a couple of times (ages ago)

Why not ask him? texstar@houston.rr.com

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Like email the (we are not worthy) texstar.


If he answers I d put him in my special folder.... famous replies ... like Larry Scott ..


Actually, every time I do this I get dragged into some DEV... Im currently doing some testing (in a very minor way) to get a driver for a USB rader for the XBOX mem modules.... I just sent a helpful email tot he project leader and whallop .. I ended up seriously hacking the USB filesystem ..


Ahhh.. Good news is it might fix the USB non-compatible storage thing for linux... i.e. you should be able to use devices that actually are USB mass storage but forget to announce and need there own Windows Driver.


Bad news is i don't have that much time right now!!!



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other great site for desktop backgrounds (aka wallpapers!) is digitalblasphemy.com, i got this one from someone in this forum... its a great place for wp.


also, for icons, the www.gentoo.org is another good place, i just love all the "bubble" kind of icons, and they have a pack (tar.gz) with over 100...


then the colors of title bars and WM, its up to you to find one that suits your taste... as rcaux sayd, fluxbox its a real good one! (and the themes at rcaux site are real nice...)


i found that making your own theme, although it maybe a long process (the selection and all ;)) its worth it![/u]

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I'll bet you have it. Keramik. At least that's what it looks like to me but I'm no kde expert either, I'm a gnomer. Just been enjoying SuSE9's kde lately. Change the keramik Style colors in Colors in kcontrol. I'm sure you can do better than I did. I didn't find a wood look window decoration at kdelook.org but I didn't look for very long. I know I've seen one though. I use to have the wallpaper. It's no longer at deviantart......well, I couldn't find it. Try google. Oh, and welcome to the board!

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