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Clipboard and task bar utilites needed for XFCE


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I am considering switching from KDE to XFCE desktop. I need some help finding a clipboard tool (like Klipper), CPU speed monitoring/control widget, and audio mixer, to run in the task bar. I suppose the KDE versions of these task bar utilities will not work with XFCE, but I have not actually tried them.


I wouldn't mind having a fancier clock for XFCE, it seems the clock has no ability to adjust text size and could not display date or day of week.

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Klipper does run on xfce (at least I have it running and I don't even have kde installed). CPU speed I can't help you with I don't use that type of applet so I haven't looked. Audio mixer is called, surprisingly, 'Volume Control' and is a standard xfce applet (maybe that is not sophisticated enough for you but it works for me). A slightly better clock is called 'DateTime' - again a standard xfce plugin.


One more tip which you may or may not be interested in. If you run xfce on a system that has Gnome installed there is a marvellous applet called 'XfApplet' which allows you to run any Gnome applet in the xfce tray. This applet has saved my life since it allows me to run 'Original Disk Mounter' Applet (gnome only) in the xfce tray and that, for me, has turned xfce into a viable proposition, in fact it is now my default desktop. That in turn means I can escape from the horrors that KDE4 imposes without having to use the heart-sinkingly dreary and difficult Gnome!!


Good luck.


EDIT. Just thought of a couple more things. Should you ever decide to use 'XfApplet' and find yourself with cpu usage problems, let us know and I can solve it for you. Secondly the main reason for xfce to exist is to provide a 'lightweight' DE consequently things which are fairly easy in KDE for example are not so easy in xfce - keyboard shortcuts is a prime example. Almost anything is possible, but sometimes involves editing configuration files rather than manipulating a nice gui. They won't change this as in their opinion a nice gui would detract from the 'lightweight' nature of the environment. It is just something you have to get used to if you decide to use it.

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