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Need help installing Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1


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I downloaded Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 last night and am trying to install it. Keep in mind that this is my first time trying to install a non RPM package. I was able to unzip the source (if that's the right term). I now have a Mozilla Firebird folder under Username/Documents. I changed to the Mozilla Firebird directory and then typed ./configure and got a no such file or directory error. What am I doing wrong?


[root@localhost Documents]# cd MozillaFirebird

[root@localhost MozillaFirebird]# ./configure

bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

[root@localhost MozillaFirebird]#




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Actually, you don't need to install Firebird, just put the Mozilla Firebird folder (untarred, unzipped, etc) in a directory of your choice, open it and look for the bin file (MozillaFirebird) and click twice on it. That's all. It should work.

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You do not compile it. You simply uncompress a precompiled pkg and run it from there. If you look in the


dir, you should see a mozilla-firebird. To start from a terminal;

cd /home/Username/Documents/Mozilla-Firebird/





something like that :unsure:

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I have now copied the Mozilla Firebird folder into usr/lib. There is no Mozilla Firebird icon I can click on. There is, however, a Mozilla Firebird shell script (named Mozilla Firebird) that if I double click on opens Mozilla Firebird. My question now is, can I change the icon to the Mozilla Firebird icon, how do I put a link to this on my desktop, and lastly is there a way to add this to my programs list.


Thanks for all the help,


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sorry for the bin file it's a shell script :oops:


You can add the mozilla icon to your desktop using the application launcher, you just need to put the path to the shell script file in the command line.


Through the mandrake control center (if you're running MDK) your can use menu drake to set an application in your menu.

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Ok. I screwed something up and I'm not sure what. I was trying to copy the Mozilla Firebird icon to my desktop and then link it to the shell script file I was using to run the program. Now, if you go into the Mozilla Firebird folder, several of the icons have disappeared. The file names are there, but the icons are not. If you double click on any of them you get an error message saying you could not run the program. Any ideas?

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Just noticed that even though the icons are gone, if I click on the filename for Mozilla Firebird it opens the program up. Also, William said I could add an icon on my desktop using the application launcher. This is probably a stupid question, but what exactly is it and where do I find it. Would you right click on the desktop and then select link to application?



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I'm at work now, and nowadays and don't use nor gnome neither KDE anymore, so if I'm not wrong, the app laucher is in the KDE or Gnome panel. Just right click on the panel, a window with some options will be available and choose a new launcher (i'm not sure if it's right, as told you I'll have to check).


Creating icons on desktop in linux is quite different than in windows, till what I'm concerned, you cannot drag the icon to your desktop and simply link it to a bin or shell script. the only way I know is the one described above (not using terminal).


Concerning the problems with the icons, check if you haven't changed the files view, I don't use nautilus but if I'm not wrong you have basically 2 options:icon and file view.


Good luck.

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Hi, I went through the tutorial link shen provided and I cannot get to launch my MozillaFireBird from the desktop link I made. All I get is a error message saying:


KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/MozillaFireBird'


When I try with CLI I get the following:

bash: /usr/bin/MozillaFirebird: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied


However it works under root. Anyone know what permissions I need to change in order it to work as normal user ?

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Guest GorGor



Just thought I will mention that the command you need is


/(directory you put this file)/MozillaFirebird/MozillaFirebird


forgive me as I am at work so can't copy my command to you.


try that if you like

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well if you look at the instructions as shown here http://simplylinux.punted.net/InstallingMo...laFirebird.html


I had to:


) Enter "mv MozillaFirebird /usr/local"

7) Enter "ln -s /usr/local/MozillaFirebird/MozillaFirebird /usr/bin/MozillaFirebird"


and then create the desktop link like:


1) Right-click on the empty desktop > Add > Link to Applicatio

2) Type "MozillaFirebird" in the name box

3) Click "Execute" tab, and enter "/usr/bin/MozillaFirebird", [ OK ]

4) [ OK ]


but that instruction does not seem to work as a normal user. Anyone else ?

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