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Is KDE3 more functional than KDE4?


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The whole feature spells out that KDE 4.1 that was shipped with Mandriva 2009.0 was in fact a beta test version and should not have been taken as a finished product
Calm down, and read it again. KDE 4.2 is in beta and they're busy fixing bugs before its release. KDE 4.1 is a so-called stable release and has been for some time. The article doesn't contradict any of that, nor does it imply that the KDE team misled Mandriva.

Whether 4.1 is/was a good move or not at the time is open to debate (I've not tried it), but let's not mix up the issues of KDE4 vs KDE3, AdamW's departure, distro (mis)management and so on.


My personal take - I'm happy with 2008.1 and KDE3 for now. I think the screenshots of KDE4 look very cool and show a lot of promise, I'm looking forward to trying it out in the future. When 4.0 was released they said "wait for 4.1". When 4.1 came out, the general mood seemed to be to wait for 4.2. It'll be interesting to see what 4.2 looks like when it's ready for release (although it seems odd that the release date seems to be fixed by time, not by completion).

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KDE shouldn't have tossed standard version numbering out the window with this one, it's made the whole thing a mess and confused too many people.


it seems to me someone at KDE said:

"let's do things our way, screw convention".


and a bunch of people agreed for some unknown reason.

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Do make suggestions on the kde bugtracker or forum.


I have been down that route too, I reported what I consider to be a major bug and although I wasn't flamed I was told - 'That is the way it is supposed to work'. Which says it all really. It has been designed to work so badly that things that I consider to be bugs are actually designed in!!


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If you want Mandriva 2009 kde 3.5.10 why not grab the XFCEone version, intall it, then urpmi task-kde3 ? Then you avoid kde4 all together? or grab the gnome version? Or I think if you install from the "free" version, you can install kde3 instead of kde4.


I think the rush to kde4 is a community problem, we are always wanting the latest version of any/everything and with kde4, many people are not pleased. But when distro A went with it as default, distro b and c followed. Personally, I found it okay, but I admit I preferred the3.5 series. However, I have switched to the XFCE DE, so I only use KDE to install, if there is no xfce installation method available.

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Love KDE4 this far. Even after all the allogatians of being the worst everyone could overcome.

It's just a product under construction. And we are the happy few experiencing this evolution.


I feel fairly sure about times to arrive, that we all forgot about this awkward period.

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