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dbus doesn't work in 2009.0 [solved]


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So, I upgraded from 2008.1 to 2009.0 the day it came out. Things were great until I realized that no USB devices were recognized. Argh! I found out that my system was still using an old version of dbus. I upgraded dbus, libdbus, dbus-x11, etc. and got rid of every package that had a 2008.1 extension with that of the package with a 2009.0 extension. Viola, I could find my usb drives. Things were great for about a week and a half, then yesterday, I had to reboot my computer and system message bus won't start again. KDE is not finding my usb drives. What is wrong? :wall:


Here is the error it gets during bootup:

Starting System Message Bus: /bin/bash: line 1: 1930 segmentation fault dbus-daemon --system


the number 1930 changes from time to time and seems to be a random 4-digit number between 1000 and 3000.


Also, when the system gets to 'Starting Preload Daemon [OK]' it hangs for about 5 minutes before it will let me log in.

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