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tearing on Intel 945gm with lvds


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Perhaps I'm more sensitive to tearing and other video artefacts than others, but in any case, I can hardly find any similar comments/problem reports on the usual forums nor on the web at large...


Essentially, the problem is that I see some tearing even though I have overlay functional with Xv video.


I figured out (from the intel manpage, man:intel) that the problem is likely that the hardware will accept any semi functional modeline as long as the lvds output is set up to use whatever config the lvds screen prescribes.

But the video graphics will still use the modeline / xorg config as xorg likes; it looks like the graphics chip will tell xorg that some range of signals is fine, but then in the end pass the buffer data in the way the screen wants it.


This leads to the +vsync not to have any positive effect on the tearing (it should go away), because it's not taken into account on the final signal going to the panel, but merely in between.


The problem is, I tried turning off this driver feature, but then I get a 'no display found' error from X and only console.

So it seems that the regular modeline that xorg.0.log tells me it uses (with -vsync no less..) is not at all what is needed.


The panel is a 1280x800 one, and obviously I have no clue as to the real timings on the thing...


Any hints as to what to try?


Can anyone confirm what I postulate above?

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