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Problem with panel in KDE4 and using 3D

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Hi, when I use 3D and for example start to watch a movie and set the player to fullscreen mode, my desktop Panels became over the video screen and hides part of the video. If I set to panels that other windows can cover them when I maximize any window, it covers them. But I do not like this. I want only when I use fullscreen mode for some application to cover the panels, but not maximization. For example when I start TORCS in fullscreen mode the panels start to blinks because both want to be on top of other.


So, is anybody know any resolution about this problem?





Hristo Hristo



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Common problem with compiz which AFAIK will be fixed some time spring 2009.


What you can do is to if KDE;

kwin --replace


if Gnome

metacity --replace


Then launch the game.



If it works you can build a script to turn off compiz, launch the game, when exiting the game it will start compiz up again.

Another solution is to use fusion-icon, not sure if it works in KDE, but it works in Gnome.

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