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Overheating laptop [solved]

Chris H

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2008 updated.


My laptop is a rebranded uniwill with an AMD64 bit chipset, 3400+ or summat, ATI M9600 chipset and 1Mb RAM, about 2-3 years old.


Compiz has always led to lockups but the latest compiz/kernel/emerald etc is proving remarkably stable, both in Mandriva and Ubuntu 8.04.


A previous upgrade to KDE4 led to it becoming very sluggish and due to other factors I reinstalled.


If I run compiz under KDE 3.5 then at some point my system will overheat? and shutdown. Under Gnome there's no everheating but the fan is whirring it's nuts off and cpu use for some processes comes close to the 100% mark for periods of time. For example rpmdrake will hit 98% whilst it indexes and displays the packages, about 10 seconds. Under Ubuntu it doesn't seem to be as intensive.


Question is, what can I do to help things out?


Drop compiz?


Use the laptop kernel?


As an aside what are the benefits of using the laptop kernel?



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Just to add some info which may be useful.


Mandriva with KDE4 and to some extent XFCE has been leading to overheating and shutdown on my laptop. Gnome was the least likely of the desktops to cause this issue.


I have also noticed it with gOS, Dreamlinux, OpenGEU and other distros.


One thing they all had in common was the use of the ati graphics driver. This driver has come on in leaps and bounds recently and allowed me to operate compiz and all that flashy stuff without breaking.


What I did today was to do a fresh install of Mandriva One 2009 and use the fglrx driver instead of the ati driver. And lo and behold no more runaway processes or high cpu xorg processes!


Might help someone!

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