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Logitech wave keyboard - recommended?


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Hello -


Searched the HW database for Mandriva, and could not determine if the Logitech Wave (hardwired usb) worked well with linux. I have just installed 2008.1, and am having trouble with my current old style keyboard - circular connector type (often keys don't work, and have to reboot). Wife like the wave (good thing) and I want to make sure that it will work prior to getting one. Did a search on this forum and didn't find much, which may be a positive commentary.....


Input appreciated.


Regards -- Roger

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As I am brand new to Linux can you please tell me how to get "KeyTouch" to run my wave keyboard.

I can't find any program called KeyTouch anywhere. Do I have to download it and if so how does one install it in Linux ?


Thank you for your kind assistance.

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A quick google shows:




however, last Mandriva rpm was for Mandriva 2007. So you'll probably have to check the main keytouch website and follow their documentation for getting it installed, etc.

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