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cd burning problems

Guest Justin

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Guest Justin

i installed my burner and got the software but i cant get it to work i got x-cd-roast and it all installed properly but it says u have to login as root the first time and i cant figure out how to log in to the program from root.

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Open a terminal, you can use konsole if you're in KDE.


Type su Hit "Enter"


Type root's password Hit "Enter"


You are now root.


Type xcdroast Hit "Enter"


xcdroast will start and you can go through the setup. Be sure to add users so you don't have to be root just to burn a CD.


Exit xcdroast. Exit the terminal. Start xcdroast and you should be good to go.



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check out this thread




it contains setup info for XCDRoast. look for my posts there & you should be able to get it up & running.


also, what aRTee said has merit. K3B is another useful cd burning tool. especially if you want to burn .iso files, which you can't do in XCDRoast. word of note.....if you decide to try K3B, search the forum for some threads on how to set that up, or i (or somebody else) would be glad to help you with it. K3B can be a little tricky to set up because it involves some fstab editing depending on if your cd burner/rom is ide or scsi. nothing that somebody here couldn't walk you through, though. :wink:



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