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Acer Aspire One


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I am considering purchasing an aspire one. They appear to be fantastic. The linux version has a 8gb solid state drive. Very nice, but perhaps a bit small for what I could be doing. The windows version has 120Gb generic hard disk. The price difference is nelegible.


What do you think the chances are I could easily install the original linux distro on a windows version? I don't think there should be any issue, as far as I can see only the hard drives vary between the two. The orignal install is Linpus, most reports are that it is a great made to fit install.



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The Windows version would be fine, I'd expect. All it is that it's been set up to provide Windows with it instead of Linux. Post the hardware specs, and we can help out a bit more.

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i've bounced back and forth on these ultra minis since the eee701 came out, and like our original poster i keep hitting the cool factor of the SSDD

and the speed, VS the size limit


on the one hand windows NEEDS all that size, on the other hand i'm a data junky.


heres the aspire 1

intel atom proc 1.6ghz 533 FSB

512MB upgradable to 1.5gb

8.9" wsvga 1024*600

8GB flash or 120gb hd

multi card storage reader

built in speaker and mic, UNK sound source

wlan wireless G, lab 10/100


Linpus Lite Linux or Windows XP


unfortunately for me by the time i get them configured where i want them they are as much or more than a trad laptop w/ 15" screen 3GB ram 120GB hd etc.


the only advantage (for me) is they are lighter.


all in all they are still toys, so i havet bought any of them yet.



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I imagine "Linpus Lite" has been thoroughly optimized for the hardware. though the spec's don't seem to be anything most linux distro's couldn't run well on.

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Mandriva 2009 runs fine on the Aspire (either Windows or Linux Aspire). We have one in Paris for testing.


The SSD in the Linux version is known to be very slow, so don't buy it expecting amazing performance. It's slower than a regular hard disk in most ways.



WOW thanks for that heads up


thats the MAIN selling point for me for the ULPC's their boot speed.


thats why teh HD versions dopnt seem much value to me

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tyme: the hdd vs. ssd speed issue is rather more nuanced than most people think - don't just trust me, see Linus' take on it! - http://torvalds-family.blogspot.com/2008/1...intel-ssds.html - but it's also just the case that the model in the Aspire One sucks, too. It's a poor piece of hardware. If you look around forums dedicated to the Aspire it's a pretty notorious issue among owners of it.

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