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Suggestions for new hard drive partitions


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It looks like it's mounted under /mnt/raidcleggett08, so do this from a console:


ls /mnt/raidcleggett08


and if you see files listed, then it's mounted, and you just need to access it from this directory.

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Ian, I tried that, but still no luck.


I'm thinking of doing a re-install in a new partition and try to hook it up using the custom partitioning. I dont really want to loose my current 2008.1 install as its been updated, and down want to do another big download session.

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If you rename you might have problems but I don't know in all honesty because it's different with mdadm raid configuration to what you have. It should have been working considering how it looks set and that it's mounted.

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Ian, I had a work collegue download 2009 Free DVD and I installed it, letting the installer using free space.


Well it detects the raid as /mnt/win_c2. Beautiful, at last.


I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but it now works as intended.

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Hi guys, just cleaning up my system now that its all working.


I have two swap partitions. Here is part of my /etc/fstab file


# Entry for /dev/sdc5 :

UUID=5a8732f5-8fd6-45eb-a7a3-0a68de5883e8 swap swap defaults 0 0

# Entry for /dev/sdc9 :

UUID=72473152-118e-4080-9354-a95068fa18dc swap swap defaults 0 0


sdc5 is 7.8Gb

sdc9 is 3.8Gb.


I would imagine that I can do without sdc9. Is it a matter of erasing the partition and removing that entry from the fstab file? or are they are items I need to attend to?

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Is there some way that I can monitor the health of the array. Intel provides a nice interface for windows, but nothing for Linux, instead letting dmraid look after it. I can't see a way to monitor the array.

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