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How do I get rid of this damn splash screen?


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The title says it all really, I have been completely unable to rid myself of the splash screen that appears on Mandriva 2009 Beta2.


Why anybody who has any interest in computing wants to stare at some worthless little picture when they could actually be finding out what is going on in the boot process of their machine has been, is now, and always will be, a complete mystery to me - even more so on a testing version. It has never been a major problem before because the addition of 'splash=nosplash' to the boot entry has always successfully killed the infuriating little thing, but no longer is this enough, neither is pressing the Esc key, whatever you do you are forced to stare at this worthless item until the boot is complete - and it doesn't even have a working progress bar (not that that function would make it any better imho).


I guess this is something to do with 'splashy'? Whatever it is I want rid of it and soon. I tried deleting 'splashy' via rpmdrake but it threatened to take half the operating system with it so I couldn't do it that way. I then searched for 'splashy' and deleted every file with that in the name, but then it wouldn't boot at all so at the moment I have no choice but to stare mindlessly at it until it goes away. Can someone please help me to alter that?

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Thanks for the reply Adam. Afaik Beta 2 is the latest version and I have every update that is going for that baby and the splash screen still won't go away.


Still at least I take some comfort in your statement that it should be possible to remove it eventually. If it is just a result of a software problem that hasn't been fixed yet I can live with that, my horror is that it is a new 'feature' that someone has incorporated that can't be removed.


It is a very attractive splash screen btw, it could even make nice wallpaper, but I still don't want to look at it during the boot process.

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