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How Do I Change The MCNLive Users?

Guest Damage

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Guest Damage

Ok guys & gals I apologize ahead of time if the answer to this has been posted else where, but I was unable to find it via board searches and google searches:


How do I change the user accounts in MCNLive? Basically I would like to remove the guest account, disable the automatic login and create my own user account. I can do most of this through the Mandriva configure your PC option, however after removing the guest account I get an error when I startup MCN the next time, probably because it is trying to automatically load the guest account which no longer exists. When I try to adjust the automatic login via the mandriva system option, I get the error that there is no bootloader installed, probably because it is running via usb and there is no bootloader on the HDD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest FlintH

Sorry, there is not enough details to answer of your question.


Can you specify some points:


1. This is MCNLive at USB flash?

2. MCNLive is running in persistent mode?

3. When you add a new user, is there a new user's name in /etc/passwd?

4. When you delete the user 'guest', is there no such user in /etc/passwd?

5. Please post here a content of your /etc/sysconfig/autologin


Really it's strange because i have successfully added custom user accounts (in addition, i have clone a guest profile to new account that to save customized KDE settings), and autologin is not enabled in original MCNLive by default.

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